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Cold Heading

Cold heading is a common processing technology of fasteners(bolts、screws、nuts),It is a metal forging technology。冷镦加工是标准件螺丝螺母等紧固件产品最主流的加工工艺。

Multi Cold heading

Multi Process Cold Heading is a common processing technology of Special bolt and Special screw,It is formed by multiple processes at one time。多工位冷镦是非標螺絲螺栓螺母等产品主流加工工艺。

CNC Machining

Some special fasteners(special bolts,special screws,special nuts) require secondary machining by CNC machine。某些复杂的非標螺栓非标螺丝非标螺母等产品,一般都需要采用CNC做二次加工。

Turn Milling

Some custom fasteners(custom bolt,custom screw) need CNC turn milling machine,It is an important index to special bolts manufacturer车铣钻攻镗雕是衡量一个非標螺絲廠工艺水平的重要指标

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China Fastener Industry Benchmark | Professional Focus

Dongguan Hetai (Shunyan) special bolts manufacturer was founded in 2001,We are a fastener factory for custom bolts,custom screws and custom nuts. We are a flagship enterprise in the fastener industry in Guangdong Province, China.We have more than 40 non-standard fasteners machines, such as multi process cold heading machines, CNC turn milling machines, threading machines,screening machines,etc. For more than 20 years, we are especially good at customized special fasteners(special bolts,non-standard bolts,special screws,non-standard screws and special nuts, non-standard nuts.

東莞合泰(舜彥)非標螺絲廠成立於2001年,是一家專注定制非標螺絲、非標螺栓和非標螺母的緊固件工廠。 擁有40多臺非標緊固件生產設備,尤其擅長定制非標螺絲、非標螺栓和非標螺母等 非標緊固件產品。

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  • Special Bolts 80%
  • Non Standard Bolts 70%
  • Special Screws 75%
  • Special Nuts 60%
Turn Mill Machine
CNC Turn Milling Machine

Machine for Special bolts and Non standard bolts,We have 12 CNC turn milling machines.非标螺丝加工神器之一,车铣钻攻镗雕无所不能

Cold Heading Machine
Multi Process Cold Heading Machine

Machine for Special bolts and Non standard bolts,We have 19 multi process cold heading machines.非标螺丝加工神器之一,多工序一次成型

Threading Machine
High Speed Threading Machine

Machine for Special bolts and Non standard bolts,We have 10 high speed threading machines.非标螺丝加工神器之一,搓牙滚丝高速精密、螺纹饱满

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